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Crustenunie, Flotz, Pauper & Ben Joshua

Fri 1 February @ 8:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Benefit for ADM Amsterdam with live music!

Ben Joshua
Cool folkpunky solo act!

Punk from Almere!

Amsterdam’s newest hardcore punk sensation!

Crust from Leiden!

Free entrance, cash only, donations to ADM are welcome


The ADM is really in need of your help!!! The riot police (ME) were at the gates a day before the earliest possible eviction day. In addition, many assumed that Femke Halsema would follow the request from the United Nations to postpone the eviction with a number of months or at least to wait for the court case that was to take place on the 8th of January. Because of this many had not yet brought their belongings into safety.

With only playful protest the ADM-ers left that morning with the message that they would be able to collect their things later. A few hours later they stood aghast as a demolition patrol of Koole arrived. Immediately contact was sought with the municipality. Chidda, the owner, promised Femke not to demolish anything. How naive can you be to believe the offspring of a professional criminal who used to be known as Bertus the Bulldozer.

‘The last kingdom’ of the Netherlands underground has literally been razed to the ground. Whole workplaces that were tidily closed were looted and completely destroyed. The damages for some are far above 50,000 euro.

The ADM really needs your support now, because court cases, damage claims and lawyers cost heaps of money.

But also this: the municipality claims in the media that 500,000 has been invested in the slibfields, while Kock blandly states in a committee meeting: “Those investments are for the future to make the ground ready to build on”. This is a farce! In reality the ADM is left with only three delapidated toilet cubicles, half of the terrain is not hardened and is useless, the location is therefore way too small and living there is pretty much impossible, seen the circumstances. The interim measure from the UN did not just appear from nowhere.

By donating en masse we can show that we support the ADM and where we want our community money to be given out on. This independent crowdfunding is being organised by Mushkila Kabira.

We don’t know yet what our costs will be, but our aim is to collect 13000 in 30 days, because there is already 7000 donated, then we’ll have received 20,000 and we’ve just reached the 20,000 signatures. We should make it a fair way with that, and it is 1 Euro per signature! That should be possible?



Fri 1 February
8:00 PM - 1:00 AM


Vondelpark 8
Amsterdam, 1077AA Netherlands