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Autonomous cultural centre Vondelbunker needs donations to be able to continue for 5 more years to organising a dynamic and eclectic cultural programme that is always free of charge.


We believe in the strength of the underground and in grassroots and DIY logics, this is why we have chosen to set up a crowd funding campaign using the motto: Do It Together!


Hidden in the Vondelpark of Amsterdam (NL), under the bridge that has tram 3 rumble over it, there’s a hidden nuclear fallout shelter dating from 1947. A magical and musical place named The Vondelbunker. A space with a rich history; in 1968 ‘beatchellar Lijn 3” opened its doors, even Pink Floyd played a show back in the days!


Since June 2011 the collective Schijnheilig initiated the place that we now call Vondelbunker. Everyone that is involved, does this voluntary and this is how we have been able to maintain and facilitate in our own unconventional manner a freely accessible, and free-to-use centre. We do this for the love of the space and underground culture.


We host event, curators and programmers that have trouble finding a location in Amsterdam. All the money we make using donations from our audience we use to keep our doors open and the space running. Because profit is kept out of the equation, the success of an event is a radical immeasurable and personal experience. We offer a place where experiment can take place. Because of that reason the Vondelbunker is proud to use the slogan; failure is optional!


Examples of events that we happen in our bunker are; live music with new talents and international acts, theater, ‘Psiego Bunker’ with cult 16mm movie nights, Teknorobics Party Fitness, Atomic Cinema screenings with movie curator Jeffrey Babcock. WIth ‘Dichter onder de Bunker’, ‘OFFSTAGE’ and ‘Café Avonduur’ we host poets, spoken word and storytelling evenings in multi-languages. We collaborate often with record label Geertruida, the Sounds of The Underground Festival, HxC punk Promoter Glassbreaker Cult, the Free Fringe Festival, programmer Do It Together en students of the Rietveld Academy.


We also offer rehearsal- en meeting space to organisations that have a similar DIY mentality and political views like we have/do.
Recently we signed a second rental contract with the city council of Amsterdam. Doing so we decided to continue for at least another 5 years to keep the place running in our independent manner. We have a lot of plans that we are excited to make happen, beside that we have the foundation to professionalize our collective and qualifications. After using the space in the past 5 years we need to do some urgent maintenance. When signing the contract we were forced to pay a 3 month rental deposit to Stadsdeel West. Because of those and other unexpected and unforeseen costs, our resources are empty. At the moment we do not have funds left to lift up our space and collective to the standard we like of the coming 5 years.


We believe in the strength of the underground and in grassroots and DIY logics. This is the reason why we have some serious financial setbacks, have chosen to set up a crowdfunding campaign using the motto: Do It Together!


Beside our “Voor de Kunst” campaign we will organize benefits, and we will crawl out of our fallout shelter to show our face in the city of Amsterdam, and beyond city limits!


Most importantly now that we need extra funding is to do some structural and sustainable maintenance to the space and the various installations. Some of the things that we need funds for are:


– Climate control: in a fallout shelter you can imagine that fresh air and warmth are crucial. Our ventilation and heating system needs repairment.
– Sound: speakers and mics need to be replaced after exhaustive use and duct tape repairs.
– Paint: the murals done by Graphic Surgery that embellish our walls, need to be restored and refreshed.
– Permits and administration: we created a base on what we want to continue to professionalize and to have deeper (grass)roots for the upcoming 5 years.


Because of the current political climate we think it is of extra importantance to keep having a cultural centre in downtown Amsterdam where profit is not the guideline. Where artist and volunteer alike take care of maintain cultural events that are free of charge!
Video: Alek Riquelme (Alephkx) & Jordy Pijper (Filmshot)


Thanks to: Bram van den Reijen, Arnold de Boer (the Ex, Zea), Tevin Jay Parata (Glassbreaker Cult), Jeffrey Babcock (Atomic Cinema), Semuel Leijten, Kasper Vogelzang, Sandra Maat & Barbara Eelman.