Corona Virus Updates

— UPDATE 11.05.2020–

Lovely Vondelbunker supporters,
The Vondelbunker has been closed for 8 weeks. This has had a great impact on our crew. The first few weeks we went into survival mode and stayed in close contact. By now the most of us are doing fine, even though some had to find a new balance in life.

We starting to realize that it’s going to take months, maybe even a year,
before ‘the old Vondelbunker’ is back! What fun is there to host a band night without a mosh pit or an art expo with 5 visitors? Our old shelter which was build during the Cold War can’t be used in this crisis.

As you may know we are renting the bunker from the city of Amsterdam and they informed us that we still have to pay the rent. Even though we have a 100% income drop. As we are not a company and don’t have people working for us we can’t use any of the settlements. This is quite a challenge we have to tackle. But then again, we had difficult times in the bunker before.

We are also missing our lovely crowd. So many faces we haven’t seen for a long time! Our drinks are expired by now and our mascot Eduardo is all by himself with the Vondelbunker mold. Even our toilets don’t overflow anymore! It’s not the same without you.

Even though it’s a very difficult time, we are looking at what is possible in the Vondelbunker. Please contact us directly via info@ if you have a nice idea for a small event, art installation or any other use of the bunker with a maximum of 10 visitors at the time. Let’s start with being creative again!

We miss you!

xxx Vondelbunker crew



— UPDATE 14.3.2020 —

Hey all,

As everyone knows by now, the Dutch government decided to give the advice to cancel all events with more than 100 people attending as a precaution for the spreading Corona virus. There was confusion about the situation among our collective of volunteers that run the cultural centre about how to deal with this in the past 48 hours. Thank you to our supporters for giving us input.

We have decided that we will completely close down and suspend all public activities at the Vondelbunker until further notice. It is the only responsible thing to do for our community at large.

In a post about one of our most recent events, a tongue-in-cheek joke was made about kissing strangers rather than shaking hands. We regret this joke and we apologise.

During this crisis we wanted to keep functioning as a meeting point for our community.

If you know vulnerable people in your street, neighbourhood or social circle please check on them. Let’s make sure they’re taken care of and don’t feel helpless or alone.

We as a collective are here to help out those that need groceries done or have a hard time dealing with solitude; simply give us a DM!

Spatial distancing shouldn’t mean social distancing!

Vondelbunker collective